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People, Plants, Products, Planet

Rouse and Rebel is a startup veteran-owned company that was founded in 2020 on the philosophy that small choices can have big impacts. We are disruptors, innovators, and leaders whose mission it is to rouse awareness of environmental issues and to inspire and cause change through choices for the betterment of people and planet.


Some of the most important actions we can do in life are to serve others and be good environmental stewards.  Whenever possible, avoid products that contain genetically-modified organisms and synthetic chemicals and choose products that are derived from organic plants. 

We hope to inspire current and future generations to take actions that benefit people and planet.  


As a civilization, few things are as important today than the condition of our planet.  Among many environmental concerns, one of the significant challenges humans will face is how to deal with oceanic and terrestrial plastic pollution.

Billions of pounds of plastic now make up approximately 40% of the total surface of the world’s oceans and at this current pace, plastic pollution is expected to outweigh all fish by 2050. (Center for Biological Diversity. "Ocean Plastics Pollution."

We are the problem and the solution.  Help decrease and eventually eliminate single-use plastic products.

Our hand sanitizer comes in two sizes and is meant to be reused indefinitely.  Both sizes are can be refilled with the larger 16oz. bottle that will be available soon.

Our large 16oz. bottle is made with recycled newspapers and cardboard and molded into a fiber shell. Its inner membrane contains 70% less plastic.  Most of our quality, high-performance products contain over 90% certified organic, real ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce.


The Japanese word kaizen means improvement or change for the better.  In the business world, kaizen implies that this change is continuous and ongoing.  At our core, we are always striving to make our products better and healthier and therefore our sustainability efforts more and more impactful.

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