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Hand Sanitizer Boosted With Essential Oil

Our hand sanitizer is boosted with the power of essential oil.

We have the new age hand sanitizer that you have been looking for! Our hand sanitizer products are made with all natural and non toxic ingredients. When you purchase our products, you can rest assured that you are getting a powerful hand sanitizer that is backed by the refreshing properties of essential oils.

Whether you are trying to stay safe from infectious diseases or you are looking for a quick way to freshen up after yoga, our hand sanitizers are the perfect choice for you.

The New Age Hand Sanitizer
Our essential oil infusions bring the new age to hand sanitizers.

Old hand sanitizer formulas rely on hazardous chemicals that are harsh on your skin. They can dry out hands leading to cracks and even injuries. Our hand sanitizers are great for skin as well as packing the cleaning power you look for in a hand sanitizer.

Our commitment to a new age of hand sanitizers goes beyond how great our products are. We are also committed to creating a better world. We believe in doing our part by recycling as well as creating a non toxic product that is also cruelty free.

Our hand sanitizers are the perfect choice for people looking for a new age of hand sanitizer products.

The Best Way to Freshen Up After Yoga
Yoga is one of the best ways to stay fit and keep active. It can be slotted into even the busiest of schedules, but there’s not always time to freshen up after.

Our hand sanitizer is perfect for people on the go. Whether you are heading out from yoga or you want to clean up before the big date, our hand sanitizer will leave you clean and smelling fresh!

No matter how busy your day is, our hand sanitizer has your back! You can quickly apply our product for some added cleanliness and a great smell.

Head on over to our online shop to browse our selection of all natural hand sanitizers that have been made right here in the USA.

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